tesol coursesTeflen training college exists as a completely online campus. It was established to provide quality English language education training specifically for people planning on teaching English to speakers of other languages. The scope of the online campus has grown to include job boards and even more access to students around the world. It also aims to provide students with all of the support they need to realise their ambitions..

The course itself was put together by experienced TESOL teachers in close connection with contemporary global industry standards. The course goal is to allow students access to all of the necessary knowledge a teacher should have before starting an ESL career. It not only gives students explanation of industry expectations but also prepares students with real world practical applications of language theory.

The Teflen training college online campus has been specially crafted by Teflen IT professionals to provide students with a simple system for accessing their course, progress information and contacting their trainers for assistance. Due its online nature, students can connect to the school at any time to continue their studies. If students still take longer to complete the course, the college provides access for 12 months.

Each Australian Teflen teacher has not only studied TESOL, but is also an English language specialist. During their careers, every Teflen teacher has been through the same process as our students. They are willing to assist with any aspect of the course. They have also experienced a wide variety of working and learning environments. They are the backbone of the Teflen team.

Collectively, Teflen is not just another ESL course provider, but a worldwide network. It is an online space where students, employers and Australian Teflen teachers can come together. It is our wish that students complete their course quickly and easily and join the world of opportunities that is English language teaching.


About us – Teflen Australia | TESOL and ESL Teaching online.Teflen is staffed and managed by experienced professionals with years of experience in teaching English and teacher training. You'll receive the highest standards of Tesol training to become an English language teacher.