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Accredited TEFL Courses

Teflen Training College is Internationally recognised by IARC and all courses are Internationally accredited.

TEFL Accreditation Why an International System

To meet the needs of increasingly globalised economic, social and education systems. Internationally recognised qualifications are becoming more relevant to employers and graduates.

As education adapts to changing international demands, online and e-courses are providing access to education that crosses national and geographic boundaries.

With so many educational opportunities, students and employers can find it difficult to determine the quality of a course or a school. An international system such as IARC establishes criteria that are globally relevant and that reflect general international standards.

Accredited Online TEFL Course Assurance

Teflen courses are assessed for accreditation by international educators and education providers from several countries.

Teflen training college is audited annually.

Tutors have a minimum of 10 years experience.

TESOL Accreditation Benefits To Students

Guarantee that Teflen meets standards in administration, course content, course delivery and assessment. 

Teflen have committed in writing to ethical principles of behavior.

Standards are set by educators and industry, not by government officials.

Assured complaints arbitration.



Accredited TESOL and ESOL Courses | Online ESOL Accreditation. Teflen provides online TESOL courses and certificates internationally recognized by IARC Australia to meet the global education standards.